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Vietnam Bank & Azure

Vietnam International Bank (VIB) has identified Microsoft Azure as the company’s preferred cloud platform of choice following the signing of a three-year strategic partnership to boost speed-to-market and innovation levels.

Based on “ease of deployment, long-term scalability and reliability”, the Hanoi-based business aims to architect a multi-cloud ecosystem leveraging Microsoft Azure as the primary cloud for core company applications, supported by the option of running across a secondary environment “if necessary”.

During the next three years, VIB will prioritise transferring and hosting applications and business platforms in the cloud, while simultaneously modernising workloads and end-user computing requirements.


Within this framework, both parties will work together to deploy projects on cyber security, big data, artificial intelligence (AI), open API, Internet of Things and modern workplace to meet wider digital transformation objectives. This will be supported by Microsoft training and certification programs designed to ensure VIB employees are qualified with best-in-class skills when maximising new technologies.

“Cloud computing has been being the trend of the world,” said Han Ngoc Vu, CEO of VIB. “For the banking industry, this is no longer a technological concept but actually a strategy that can help improving customer experience, accelerating product development, enhancing security, optimising costs and pioneering in applying new technologies into services.

“We believe that using cloud-based solutions is unavoidable going forward, and choosing Microsoft as strategic partner for multi-cloud platform development is appropriate venue for us.”

The partnership has been labelled as the “starting point” for the two teams to work together in supporting VIB efforts to improve efficiencies, take advantage of economies of scale and establish resiliency in relation to core infrastructure.

In addition, Azure will allow VIB to create a “secure, high-speed, low-latency infrastructure” while reducing the cost of integrating multi-clouds with existing IT systems, as well as enhancing user experience capabilities.

“Cloud computing undoubtedly has been playing a pivotal role for financial institutions and to gain the agility they need for innovation acceleration,” added Paulo Fernandes, general manager of Vietnam at Microsoft. “With Microsoft Azure as a powerful cloud enabler, I believe that VIB will be reaping great rewards in terms of customer satisfaction and the next generation of banking experience.”

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